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Isoclima Specialty Glass - ARMOR-Gard - 1" "Bullet Proof Glass" Ballistics Panels

Isoclima Specialty Glass - ARMOR-Gard - 1" "Bullet Proof Glass" Ballistics Panels

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If You live in Utah - Salt Lake City or are willing to come pick this up, we are liquidating this unique item 

BULLET PROOF GLASS - Isoclima Specialty Glass - ARMOR-Gard - 1"

For your commercial application, gun range or personal project .. this is a sweet deal for 82 sqft of top-grade specialty glass, rated up to a .357

Contractors and Private Buyers

First Come, First Serve through the end of 2023

OmniArmor/ Armor-Gard - is a state-of-the-art ballistics glass designed for high performance.

Designed to withstand high-intensity fire, even in conjunction with attempts to smash the glass, while still being lighter than panels made purely from glass. This makes it suitable for various solutions in automotive, marine, military, and building uses.

Also known as "transparent armor", security glass, ballistic or bulletproof glass is created specifically to resist the penetration of blunt objects and projectiles.

The creation of ballistics glass usually follows a very precise formula, combining two or more types of glass depending on the level of protection required.

Armor-Gard is a multi-layered product made up of glass, ceramic, and plastic, to provide bulletproof, burglar-proof, or smash-proof properties for the automotive and architectural market.

Only a few companies in the world can offer sophisticated and highly durable glass surfaces like Isoclima makes.

Although, by its nature, glass will never be completely unbreakable, through Isoclima technologies and ongoing research, they can offer products that exceed normal market standards.

Manufacturer: Isoclima Specialty Glass

Type: OMNIARMOR Armor-Gard
Condition: New
Color: Clear

RATING: UL 752 Level 2 - *UL2 
*Ballistics Glass Panels rated up to a .357 Mag


    Glass-Clad Polycarbonate

    0.960 In

    10.34 lbs/sq ft
5 panels

Sizes Include:

(1) 70.5"X50.5" - 24.72 sqft
(1) 52.5"X50.5" - 18.41 sqft
(2) 50.5"X38.5" - 27.00 sqft
(1) 50.5"X34.5" - 12.10 sqft

TOTAL  - 82.23 sqft

  • Technical Data Sheet/ Specifications
  • Installation Guide
  • Cleaning and Care
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