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GHL Trading

BROWN SUGAR SYRUP for BOBA 11 lbs. Shelf Stable (as-is) BB: 2/24

BROWN SUGAR SYRUP for BOBA 11 lbs. Shelf Stable (as-is) BB: 2/24

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Brand: GHL Trading 

Size: 11 lbs.

BB: 2/24
Shelf Stable

Introducing the Sweet Magic of Brown Sugar Syrup - Your Secret Ingredient for Irresistible Boba Tea Infusion Drinks and Desserts.

Prepare to elevate your beverage game with our Brown Sugar Syrup, a versatile elixir that will add a delightful brown sugar twist to your favorite drinks.

Key Features:

  • Syrup Sensation: Whether you're crafting boba teas, brown sugar lattes, or simply enhancing the sweetness of any drink, this syrup is your flavorful companion.
  • Generous Size: Sold by the jug, with a generous 11 lbs of sweet magic in every container.

Ingredients That Shine:

  • Fructose Syrup: 15%
  • Brown Sugar: 60%
  • Water: 24.9%
  • Potassium Sorbate: 0.10%

Endless Possibilities:

From cozy brown sugar lattes on a chilly morning to refreshing boba teas on a sunny day, the Brown Sugar Syrup is your key to unlocking a world of delightful flavors.

Experience the magic of this syrup for yourself and watch as it transforms your drinks into irresistible concoctions. Don't wait; order now and let the sweet adventure begin!

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