We're not your typical retail store, and we are not sorry

We're not for everyone, and that's ok

We're on a mission: to fight the rising Economic Crisis negatively impacting families and Small Businesses across America

This Cost of Living hurts everyone and we want to help

It's not just about saving money; it's about fighting for our communities, our planet, and supporting our local small businesses

Who We Are

We Sell Business Surplus, Closeout, Discontinued, Outdated, Excess Inventory, Warehouse Clearances and Business / Inventory Liquidations

We help companies sell their excess inventory and consult on larger commercial liquidations, going out of business, supply chain surplus, and sustainability projects.

We're here for the smart, savvy shoppers, budget minded and thrifty, treasure hunters and small businesses

Whether you're looking for consumer goods or commercial equipment, industrial materials or small business supplies, we've got you covered 

We're dedicated to serving our Community:

Making essential products accessible and affordable

Reducing waste and promoting sustainability

Supporting small businesses

Building thriving communities

We are now making these same high quality, discount products available to the Public

We hold public and private auctions

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Get UNBELIEVABLE DEALS on Special Promotions and Closeout Deals

We sell everything affordably because we help other companies sell their excess inventory, closeout and liquidations..

We're like the Robin Hood of Retail

Their Loss - Is a win for The People of our Community

  • If you're with a fitness junky, check out the Keto Tracker and Protein Cookies

  • If you're with an at-home chef who loves to cook, check out the Kitchen Scale and Bamboo Cutting/ Charcuterie Board

  • If you're with someone who loves entertaining and bartending, check out the Bartender Kit

  • Coffee Lovers .. we've got you covered with ALL KINDS of Starbucks Coffee, Syrups, Flavors and Classic Ingredients for the Tastiest Coffee Drinks

  • For your hairy people .. we have the most incredible sets of Extremely High Quality Classic, Highest Quality Shavers, extra blades and electrical trimmers for beards and hair -

Deep Discounts on Closeout Items for a Limited Time

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