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ECO-PRODUCTS Strawless Hot Cup Lids Compostable for 10-20 oz White 1000 pcs.

ECO-PRODUCTS Strawless Hot Cup Lids Compostable for 10-20 oz White 1000 pcs.

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Strawless Hot Cup Lids
Compostable - Lids Made from Sugarcane

Condition: New

Size: for 10-20 oz cups
Count: 1000 pcs.

Color: White


If you have hot cups, that need to be lidded, and you don't like to deal with sip straws, boy do we have the product for you ..

Strawless Hot Cup Lids that fit 10-20 oz cups. in cases of 1000

They are even Eco-Friendly - Compostable Lids, made from Sugar Cane and 25% recycled material.

Now you can get a coffee and feel like you contributed something that made things just a little bit better for the planet.



It's what's inside that counts.. - smashed BOX Discount

Sold AS IS, outer box damage, inner product - solid.

It's all good and for that price.. trust me, compared to everywhere else, even with shipping, you got a little win today.

In fact, you know what? You should treat yourself. Seriously. Get yourself the large froyo after work today. For as much as you just saved. You could buy 10.

So it's kind of like we just bought you a froyo .. 

the Odd Lots Crew - You're welcome


Product Overview

  • Ideal alternative to traditional plastic hot beverage cup lids
  • Great for serving to-go coffees, teas, and lattes
  • Designed to reduce carbon footprints while providing the convenience of single-use products
  • Meets ASTM standards for compostability to ensure easy disposal at commercial composting facilities
  • Improves vital soil resources and helps divert waste from landfills
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