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GERKENS Cacao Russet Plus 10/12% Dutched Cocoa Powder 50 lb Shelf Stable (as-is) BB: 12/24

GERKENS Cacao Russet Plus 10/12% Dutched Cocoa Powder 50 lb Shelf Stable (as-is) BB: 12/24

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Cacao Russet Plus 10/12% Dutched Cocoa Powder

Condition: New

Size: 50 lb Bag

Fat Content: 10/12%

BB: 12/24
Professional Grade
*Food Service Surplus
Shelf Stable (as-is)

This 50 lb Bag of Russet™ Cocoa Powder is a full-bodied powder that has a fat content of 10-12% and a well-rounded flavor. Made in Holland.

Elevate Your Chocolate Creations with Gerkens Cacao Russet Plus Cocoa Powder!

Unlock the secret to exquisite chocolate delights with Gerkens Cacao Russet Plus Cocoa Powder. Crafted to perfection, this cocoa powder is your passport to rich, velvety, and irresistible cocoa creations.

🍫 Full-Bodied Flavor: Indulge in the deep and well-rounded flavor of this premium cocoa powder. It's carefully crafted to elevate your chocolates, desserts, and baked goods to gourmet status.

🍩 Endless Creativity: Whether you're a professional pastry chef or a home baker, this cocoa powder empowers you to create a wide range of delectable treats. From cakes and brownies to truffles and hot cocoa, the possibilities are endless.

👜 Generous Size: Packed in a convenient 50 lb bag, you'll have an ample supply of high-quality cocoa powder to fuel your culinary adventures. Share your chocolate creations with friends, family, or customers!

🇳🇱 Made in Holland: Known for its exceptional cocoa products, Holland is the birthplace of some of the world's finest chocolates. This cocoa powder proudly carries on that tradition.

📆 Long Shelf Life: With a BB date extending to December 2024, you can stock up on this cocoa powder without worrying about it losing its exquisite quality. It's ready whenever inspiration strikes.

Gerkens has a rich heritage of producing top-tier cocoa products, and their Cacao Russet Plus Cocoa Powder is no exception. Elevate your chocolate game and delight your taste buds with this premium cocoa powder. Your chocolate creations will never be the same again! 🍫🍰🍪

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