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KIM TECH Dry Wipe, White, Box, 2-Ply Tissue, 92 Wipes, 14.4 in x 16.4 in

KIM TECH Dry Wipe, White, Box, 2-Ply Tissue, 92 Wipes, 14.4 in x 16.4 in

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Dry Wipe, White, Box, 2-Ply Tissue, 92 Wipes, 14.4 in x 16.4 in

Introducing Kim Tech Dry Wipes - Your Trusted Cleaning Companion!

When it comes to cleanliness and precision, you deserve the best. That's where Kim Tech Dry Wipes step in to make your life easier. Whether you're in the professional, food service, automotive, or janitorial industry, these wipes are designed with your needs in mind.

🌟 Unparalleled Quality: Made with professional-grade 2-ply tissue, Kim Tech Dry Wipes are engineered to deliver exceptional performance. You can trust them for all your wiping needs.

📦 Generous Quantity: Each box contains a whopping 92 wipes, ensuring that you have an abundant supply at your fingertips. No need to worry about running out mid-task!

🎯 Multi-Purpose: These wipes are versatile, making them ideal for a wide range of industries. From food service to automotive and janitorial tasks, they're your reliable partner in cleanliness.

🏢 Perfect for Professionals: If you demand excellence in your workplace, these wipes are a must-have. They are part of the renowned Kimwipes series, known for their quality and reliability.

🌬️ Large Size: With a sheet size of 14.4 inches by 16.4 inches, these wipes provide ample coverage for thorough cleaning and wiping, ensuring efficiency in every use.

🎨 Classic White: The timeless white color ensures a clean and professional appearance, whether you're using them in your office, restaurant, workshop, or any other setting.

Kim Tech Dry Wipes are your go-to choice for cleanliness and precision. Keep your surroundings spotless and your tasks streamlined with these high-quality wipes. When it comes to wiping, choose the best, choose Kim Tech! 🧽🌟👍

  • Mfr #: 34721

Number of Sheets: 92

  • Wipes per Container: 92
  • Container Type: Box
  • Sheet Size: 14.4 in x 16.4 in
  • Item: Dry Wipe
  • Color: White
  • Material: 2-Ply Tissue
  • Series: Kimwipes
  • Professional Grade 
  • Food Service Industry
  • Automotive
  • Janitorial
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