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Proctor Silex

PROCTOR SILEX 45060R Commercial Coffee Urn/ Percolator 60 Cup (300 oz.) Urn Model: 45060R

PROCTOR SILEX 45060R Commercial Coffee Urn/ Percolator 60 Cup (300 oz.) Urn Model: 45060R

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Commercial Coffee Urn Percolator

Condition: New

Size: 60 Cup Urn

Color: Stainless Steel/Black

Model: 45060R
Brew Volume: 300 oz. / 2.3 Gallon

Dimensions: 16.93" Height, 11.73" Width, 12.56" Length

This sleek and powerful unit is the perfect way to keep business spaces, schools, small shops, and catered events all caffeinated!

Put the pedal to the metal and make up to 60 cups per minute - and keep it all at the ideal temperature for hours of fresh, delicious flavor.

Plus, its no-touch operation makes it even easier and more efficient. All you need is a 120V electrical connection and you're good to go!

About this item

  • BRUSHED ALUMINUM FINISH: Attractive, durable, and cost-effective.

  • DUAL HEATER SYSTEM: Center heater brews coffee, then shuts off. Gentle warming heater keeps coffee at a constant serving temperature without overcooking it.

  • BOIL DRY PROTECTION: Automatic shutoff when water in the tank has completely boiled away. Red indicator light when urn is plugged in.

  • No-Touch Dispensing: fills cups fast to shorten the wait with no need to use hands. Dispense coffee by pressing cup against the dispenser.

  • COFFEE LEVEL INDICATOR: The water/coffee window makes filling easy and shows you at a glance when coffee level is low. The coffee level tube is easy to remove for cleaning and the metal cover holds the coffee tube in place for easy viewing.

  • FILTER BASKET: Wetting the plastic coffee filter before filling it with coffee grounds prevents the coffee grounds from slipping through the coffee filter. Paper coffee filters are not required.

  • TWIST AND LOCK LID: Stays in place, if urn is accidentally knocked over, slowing potential spillage.
  • HEAVY DUTY PLASTIC HANDLES: For easy carrying

  • 1 Cup-a-minute brewing

Product Overview

  • Brews (60) 5 oz. cups / 2.3 gallons (300 oz)
  • Cool touch handles
  • Locking lid
  • Boasts no-touch dispensing
  • Ready-to-serve indicator light
  • Tall base fits large 12 oz. cups
  • Brews one cup per minute
  • 120V
UPC Code:022333450604

Fast brewing - 1 cup/ minute when brewing 60 cups
Tall base fits large 12 oz cups
Coffee level indicator
Gentle warming heater
Ready-to-serve light
Brushed aluminum finish
Locking Lid
Cleaning tool included

Create a quality coffee service with the Proctor Silex 45060R 60-cup (300 oz.) coffee urn/percolator.

Perfect for busy operations set up inside offices, schools, small shops, or for catered events, this robust unit can brew one cup per minute.

Making up to 60 cups of coffee, this model's gentle warming heat keeps coffee at ideal serving temperatures so it stays fresh and delicious for customers.

This unit requires a 120V electrical connection for operation.

  • 5-15P


    This unit comes with a NEMA 5-15P plug.

Locking Lid

The locking design keeps hot coffee contained so no one is hurt by an accidental spill.

Easy to Use

The unit's ready-to-serve red light and level indicators make it easy to operate.

Cool-Touch Handles

The cool-touch handles make this urn easy to transport between events or around your business.

No-Touch Dispensing

Designed for ease of use, this model has a no-touch dispensing design.

Simply press a mug against the unit's lever and watch the coffee instantly pour out!

This makes it a breeze to fill up a mug and then move out of the way so others can dispense coffee.

Proctor Silex Commercial 45060R Coffee Urn 60 Cup Aluminum, One Hand Dispensing, Coffee Level Indicator, 16.93" Height, 11.73" Width, 12.56" Length, Stainless Steel

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