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PROCTOR SILEX 45100 Commercial Coffee Urn / Percolator 100 Cup capacity (500 oz.) - 1090W

PROCTOR SILEX 45100 Commercial Coffee Urn / Percolator 100 Cup capacity (500 oz.) - 1090W

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PROCTOR SILEX  Commercial Coffee Urn 100 Cup capacity (500 oz.) Coffee Urn / Percolator - 1090W

Bring quality coffee production to your catered events, shops, offices, business or school with the Proctor Silex 45100 100-cup coffee urn/ percolator

About this item

  • Cup-a-minute brewing Fresh-tasting coffee quickly brewed and then held at the proper serving temperature

  • Dual heater system Center heater brews coffee, then shuts off. Gentle warming heater keeps coffee at a constant serving temperature without overcooking it.

  • Boil-dry protection Automatically shuts off when water in tank has completely boiled away. Red indicator light when urn is plugged in.

  • Brushed aluminum finish is attractive, durable, and cost-effective.

  • One-hand dispensing One-hand dispensing fills cups fast to shorten the wait.

  • Coffee level indicator The water/coffee window makes filling easy and shows you at a glance when coffee level is low. The coffee-level tube is easy to remove for
    cleaning and the metal cover holds the coffee tube in place for easy viewing.

  • Filter Basket Wetting the plastic coffee filter before filling with coffee grounds prevents the coffee grounds from slipping through the coffee filter. Paper coffee filters are not required.
  • Twist-and-lock lid Stays in place, if urn is accidentally knocked over, slowing potential spillage.

  • Heavy-duty plastic handles Heavy-duty plastic handles for easy carrying.

Product Overview
  • Brews 3.9 gallons of hot coffee/drink volume

  • (100) 5 oz. cups

  • Cool touch handles

  • Locking lid

  • Boasts no-touch dispensing

  • Ready-to-serve indicator light

  • Tall base fits large 12 oz. cups

  • Brews one cup per minute

  • 120V

  • The locking lid provides a secure shut for transport and heat retention

  • Fast production rate of 1 cup per minute

  • Cool touch handles ensure easy grip during transport

  • The warm heater keeps the product hot for hours


    With the Proctor Silex 100 Cup Aluminum Coffee Urn - 11 1/2"Dia x 21 7/8"H, you can now bring quality coffee production to all of your catered events, shops, offices, or even school staff rooms.

    Users are guaranteed the highest quality coffee brewed to their taste.

    This Proctor Silex coffee urn is made out of aluminum with a brushed finish that makes cleaning the exterior easy.

    Not only that, it will blend in well with any decor due to its color scheme and sleek finish. The large base allows for tall or short cups to be compatible making it truly versatile.

    This Proctor Silex coffee urn has a boil-free safety feature that shuts off automatically to help reduce energy consumption.

    The coffee filter basket lifts easily for dishwashing clean-up.

    This Proctor Silex coffee urn makes 100 cups of coffee, about 1 per minute thus you can be assured that it is efficient for all your commercial needs.

    Bring quality coffee production to your catered event, shop, office, or school with the Proctor Silex 45100 100-cup coffee urn/ percolator

    This 100-cup aluminum coffee urn is a professional addition to any church, office, catered event, or other application where there's a need to quickly make a large amount of coffee for your guests or employees.

    Able to quickly brew one cup per minute, this model keeps coffee at ideal serving temperatures at all times, features 1090W of heating power, and has a variety of other benefits to guarantee efficient operation.

    • 5-15P


      This unit comes with a NEMA 5-15P plug.

    Sleek, Easy-to-Clean Design

    A brushed aluminum finish lends a sleek, professional appearance while a removable lid, brew basket, and stem help make cleaning a breeze.

    Safe and Secure Transportation

    A locking lid helps prevent spills during movement, and cool-touch handles protect hands from burns when the unit is hot.

    No-Touch Dispensing

    This brushed aluminum urn from Proctor Silex boasts a no-touch serving that is great for busy operations - simply press a mug against the unit's lever and watch the coffee flow! The dispenser valve is even high enough on the base of the urn to allow the use of large 12 oz. coffee mugs.

    Ready-to-Serve Indicator

    The red indicator light ensures that employees know when the coffee is ready to serve.

    Easy Monitoring

    A convenient sight glass shows how much coffee is left so you never run out unexpectedly.

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