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Teavana Chai Tea latte Spiced Black Tea Concentrate 1 quart Shelf Stable (as-is) BB: 08/24

Teavana Chai Tea latte Spiced Black Tea Concentrate 1 quart Shelf Stable (as-is) BB: 08/24

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Chai Tea latte
Spiced Black Tea Concentrate
Size: 1 quart
BB: 08/24
Shelf Stable (as-is)

Elevate Your Tea Game with Teavana Chai Tea Latte Concentrate

Are you ready to indulge in the rich, aromatic flavors of a perfectly spiced chai tea latte? Look no further than Teavana Chai Tea Latte Spiced Black Tea Concentrate. This one-quart bottle is your ticket to a soothing, comforting tea experience like no other.

Spice Up Your Sip: Teavana has masterfully blended black tea with a medley of spices to create a harmonious and invigorating chai tea concentrate. Each sip is a symphony of flavors that dance on your taste buds, delivering a warm, spicy, and slightly sweet sensation.

Crafted for Convenience: Making a chai tea latte at home has never been easier. With this concentrate, you can whip up your favorite beverage in no time.

Just mix with milk, heat or ice, and enjoy the delightful aroma as it fills your kitchen.

Quality Meets Taste: Teavana is renowned for its commitment to quality, and this chai tea concentrate is no exception. It's a testament to their dedication to delivering exceptional teas that tantalize the senses.

BB: 10/23: You've got plenty of time to savor this chai tea concentrate, but we bet it won't last that long once you've tasted it!

So, why wait? Elevate your tea-drinking experience with Teavana Chai Tea Latte Spiced Black Tea Concentrate.

Grab your bottle today, and let the aromatic spices and rich black tea take you on a journey of flavor and comfort. ☕🍂

About this item

  • Now you can use the same store-quality ingredients used at Starbuck's at home!

    Bring the in-store taste to all your favorite Teavana Chai drinks made at home with this Black Tea Concentrate. It Is a flavorful and aromatic blend!

  • Makes mug after mug of warming, spiced black tea latte that you can mix up in an instant. Delicious with steamed milk, or with cold milk over ice. Caffeine gives it the boost you need.

  • Teavana Chai Concentrate is a blend of black tea, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and vanilla. Made with real brewed tea, the spiced chai latte concentrate has a deliciously vibrant, warm flavor.
  • Use it for Hot or Cold drinks

    We’re serious tea lovers, and we believe in the joy of tea. We believe each cup of tea should add a little joy to your day, whether you’re drinking it as your morning tea or as an afternoon refreshment.

    That’s why we seek out the most delicious tea leaves, spices, and botanicals to craft exhilarating and unexpected blends that delight the senses.

Starbucks Iced Chai Tea Latte Recipe

Make your own Starbucks Iced Chai Tea Latte at home! It’s incredibly easy to make, using just 3 ingredients. If you’re looking for an exact copy of the refreshing drink, this is it.

Starbucks Iced Chai Tea Latte dopycat drink in a glass cup.


A Starbucks recreation of the refreshing Iced Chai Tea Latte drink that’s quick and easy to make with just 3 ingredients.

The secret to making the drink taste exactly like the one at Starbucks is using Teavana Chai Tea Latte

Once you make this at home, you’ll wonder why you spent nearly $8 for a grande cup when you can make it for a fraction of the price.

The recipe makes a 16-ounce cup of iced chai latte, which is the exact size of a grande drink size.

  • Teavana Chai Tea Latte
    A black tea concentrate is made with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and vanilla. This chai tastes exactly like the one at Starbucks.

  • Milk
    Starbucks makes their iced chai latte with 2% milk but you can use any kind of milk you like, including oat and almond.

  • Ice
    I like to use smaller ice cubes so that it chills the drink quicker, but not so small that they’ll completely water down the drink.
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