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VWR TraceClean Cylinder Bottles 500mL 24 ct. Natural #89094-090

VWR TraceClean Cylinder Bottles 500mL 24 ct. Natural #89094-090

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TraceClean Cylinder Bottles

Condition: New

Size: 500 mL

Color: Natural 

Model: 89094-090
Units: 24 ct./ case

Lab Surplus/ Testing Equipment/ Heavy Metals/ Mining/ Certificate of analysis - EPA

Plastic bottles are for use in metals analyses and multiple inorganic analytes.

  • HDPE construction
  • Suited to metals analyses
  • Supplied with polyfoam-lined caps

Processed (PC) and Quality-Assured® (QA) bottles follow EPA cleaning procedures listed in the OSWER Directive 9240.0-05A 'Specifications and Guidance for Contaminant-Free Sample Containers'. QA bottles include a Certificate of Analysis in every case, as well as bar codes with lot number and individual container number for complete traceability.

Not Processed (NPC) bottles do not receive the specialty cleaning process. All cases are custody-sealed to ensure content integrity.

These HDPE bottles are specifically designed for conducting metals analyses and testing multiple inorganic analytes.

Each one comes with polyfoam-lined caps to ensure proper containment during the testing process.

To ensure the highest quality, these bottles are processed using EPA cleaning procedures outlined in the OSWER Directive 9240.0-05A.

They also include a Certificate of Analysis and bar codes with lot and container numbers for complete traceability.

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