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WUFFLEPUPS Premium Compostable Pet Waste Bags - Sold as Case of 40 boxes x 6 rolls = 60x 9”x13” bags /per box

WUFFLEPUPS Premium Compostable Pet Waste Bags - Sold as Case of 40 boxes x 6 rolls = 60x 9”x13” bags /per box

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WUFFLEPUPS Premium Compostable Pet Waste Bags

Eco-Friendly/ Compostable
Pet Waste Bags

360x / Total Units

Bag Size:     9"x 13"
Model:  Compostable
Unit:     6 rolls/box
Count:  60x / roll 
Total Count:    360 / bags


Premium Pet Waste Bags

Product Details: 

– Extra Thick; Strong, Plant-Based/ Compostable (eco-friendly)

– Odor Blocking

– Leak-proof and Tear-proof

– Easy to Open

Buy more, Save more

$180 = 60 Boxes of 6 / 360 total rolls of compostable dog bags

If you have a pet, you NEED Environmentally Friendly, Premium Compostable Pet Waste Bags

Get a great deal, buy in volume, and get up to an additional 50% off

As every pet owner knows, there's a good chance your pet is going to need to poop.

Almost every day


Because you keep feeding them Janet.

Going out for a run with your dog? 

Chances are your little buddy needs to take care of some business and take a load off.

Do your responsible pet owner doody duty and clean up after them.

To do that, you're going to need the right gear.

Make sure you're ready for their big moment and don't forget to take along some eco-friendly poop bags, thick enough, odor-blocking, and leak-proof to scoop up your pup poop.

Because using your hands to clean up after your dog, sucks

Don't get stuck leaving that steaming pile on your neighbor's lawn either Janet, especially after your dog ate that whole wheel of cheese

And doing it without a compostable poop bag - sucks worse 

... plus now you're on my porch camera, looking around like you don't have anything to clean it up

.. poking it with a stick isn't going to help

Now, you're just making a mess.

Don't be a Janet

Take care of your pet, it's your responsibility to take care of them, the trails you take them on, and the environment

If you are a Janet, we are sorry. And if this is my Janet reading this, this is your last warning. If I catch you one more time, you're gonna eat it off my lawn

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